How to Clean Pool Tile with Pressure Washer?

The summer season is a time for swimming and having fun. This is the time when people get together and share their best moments with their friends and family. Fins are on and people come together to swim, play, and relax by the water.

Some people have swimming pools in their homes as they find it is hard to go swimming in this hot summer. The pool at home is a crucial part of our daily life. The water in the pool is a source of relaxation and it can also be used for exercising. People who are not into swimming can enjoy playing some water games.

So cleaning pool tiles is a very important task in the real estate industry because the interior of the pool may gather a lot of dirt and debris, and algae and moss can build up which can make the pool water dirty and smelly.

Pressure Washing of Pool Tiles

Pool tile pressure washing is one of the most common water-saving and cleaning techniques. As cleaning of tiles manually can be time-consuming and costly. To solve this problem, we need to think about cleaning the pool tiles with a pressure washer as it will bring you the best possible results even after the tiles have been cleaned.

For this purpose, pool tile manufacturers use pool tiles with a unique special coating that facilitates lessening the quantity of water had to wash the pool tiles and smooth them withinside the handiest manner.

Is It Safe to Use Pressure Washer to Clean the Pool Tiles?

Pressure washers are used in the cleaning industry to remove grease, oil, and dirt from the pool surface. They are also used for cleaning the pool deck, walls, and other parts of a swimming pool.

Cleaning pool tile with a pressure washer is not as easy as it sounds. They are not very easy to use because they require a lot of pressure. So to make sure that you are using the right techniques of tile pressure washing, first of all, gather all the information about how much pressure is required for each part of your pool from the manual given by the manufacturer at the time of purchasing the pressure washer.  

Cleaning pool tiles with a pressure washer is more economical than replacing the old tiles with the new ones. Choose the nozzle type properly and adjust its size carefully for low-pressure setting of the water. Therefore, use the pressure washer with care, following all the safety measures indicated in the manual.

Steps to Clean the Pool Tiles with Pressure Washer

Buy a Pressure washer:

  • A pressure washer is a handy tool to get the job done. It is also a good investment for pool tile cleaning.
  • If you have a swimming pool at your home, then buying your pressure washer would be a better option rather than taking it on rent every time.
  • It is recommended to use a steam pressure washer to clean pool tiles without using detergent. Heat the water up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use the electric pressure washer.
  • The Hot water pressure washer is also considered as an effective tool for pool cleaning as it will remove all the stains and germs present in the pool.

Clear out the Pool:

  • The pool is a huge problem for many companies. They have to deal with the pool of water, which is a risk when it comes to cleaning the pool.
  • They have to clean and drain the pool twice a year, which means that they are spending much more time in this process than necessary.
  • So while clearing the pool, it is not necessary to drain out the pool water.
  • Use skimmers to remove the floating debris even from the center of the pool. This will help to remove the leaves, wrappers, and other floating material from the water.
  • As it is very difficult to drain all the water while clearing the pool, you can use waterproof pressure washers, which can work in pool water.

Maintain Water Pressure:

  • As the high pressurized jets of water can harm and break the tile. So it is very important to maintain the pressure from 2000-3000 PSI while cleaning the pool tiles.
  • Check the manual and read about the pressure adjustments in it. If the pressure-related instructions are not given then you can test the pressure on your own.
  • Set the pressure and start pressure washing on a smaller area. If it is harming or breaking the tile material, then reduce the pressure accordingly. If it is not removing the dirt properly from the tile surface, then simply increase the pressure of the water.
  • Always start with the lower pressure nozzle, if it does not works properly only then increase the pressure of the water by adjusting the nozzle size.

Clean the tiles in smaller sections:

  • If you are cleaning the pool tiles with a pressure washer, make a proper strategy and then start working.
  • Cleaning of tiles should be done in smaller sections as it will ensure you that tiles are properly cleaned.
  • Once you completed the cleaning one section of the tile if you are completely satisfied with the work then move to the next section of tiles for cleaning.
  • You need to make sure that the water will not damage the tiles or change their colors. These colors are very important in pools that have a reasonable color temperature.
  • While cleaning the corners of the tiles, replace the nozzles with the smaller size nozzles as larger ones can damage the corners and nooks of the pool.
  • If any section of the pool has tough stains or is far away from the pressure washer then use the different sizes of nozzles which can provide the high pressure accordingly for proper cleaning.

Decrease the pressure and ensure proper cleanup:

  • Once the cleaning process is completed, clean the areas of lime or calcium build-up with the high-pressure water jets as calcium can make the surface slippery.
  • Now decrease the pressure and stop the power supply to the pressure washer.
  • Drain all the residual water and wipe up the tiles to ensure proper cleaning is done.
  • Pack the machine carefully.

Finally, you have completed the pool tile cleaning process. Now you can again enjoy the clean and safe swimming in your swimming pool. You can use the pressure washer and clean your pool tiles at least once every two weeks if using the pool on regular basis.

Safety Measures to Keep in Mind

Pressure washing is a very important job for pool owners. They need to be careful about the safety of the person as well as the pool tiles.

These steps can make all the difference in the safety and health of you and your pool:-

  1. Check the water quality throughout the day, especially if you are going to be away from home for a while.
  2. Check that pools are not heated in old-fashioned ways like hot air and steam.
  3. Use a durable electric heater with scald protection instead.
  4. For more information on the expert advice, you can get from a professional plumber, call them and share the issue with them in detail.
  5. Maintaining distance while pressure washing the pool tiles is a challenging task. Stand at least 3 meters away from the machine.
  6. While cleaning the pool with a Hot water pressure washer, always maintain a proper distance from the machine because when the high pressurized jets of hot water are sprayed they can splash back on you and can burn your hands or any other body part.
  7. Avoid spraying at one spot or section for a long period of time as it can damage the tile material badly.
  8. Clean the surface properly where you are standing. If should not be slippery. Otherwise, it can lead to dangerous accidents.
  9. Wear long pants, shirts, and hand gloves for safety purpose. Wear safety goggles as well as ear protection before starting the main process of cleaning.
  10. Make sure that in electric pressure washers, naked wires don’t come in contact with water just to avoid dangerous accidents.


Therefore, we can see that with pressure washers, you’ll get all the benefits of a clean pool in a short period of time. As washing pools is a popular, time-consuming task for pool owners. So do yourself and your pool a favor and invest in the pool washing equipment that will help you to reduce the frequency of maintenance and ease the process of cleaning and maintaining your pool. When you consider that the cost of cleaning a pool can be quite expensive, investing in high-quality pool washing equipment is worth it.

Get the best deals on pool cleaning services you need with pressure washers. There are a variety of different brands and models of pressure washers, which mean you, can choose the right one according to your needs.

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