How To Find Trail Cameras In The Woods? Find Trail Cameras On Your Property

How To Find Trail Cameras In The Woods

Trail cameras are an extensive useful device serving various purposes including hunting, thieving, and research. This is used as a detecting tool to observe the activities of wildlife to learn their behavior, potential threats to them and also used as a security device to detect potential burglary. Hunters take advantage of this smart device by spotting the prey at a certain distance in the wood. So, though it is difficult to find your trail camera in the woods as it camouflages in the tree, you can spot it out easily while you observe smartly.

In this article, we have figured out some tips on how to find trail cameras in the woods you will find helpful.

If you are using a trail camera for the very first time and facing difficulties to spot it out in the woods while going to take it back then this article is worth your reading. If you haven’t seen trail cameras before and don’t have enough knowledge about them then this article is also for you. So, before knowing how to detect trail cameras in the woods let’s know where it is placed and where you can find it.

1. Search for it in its potential places

Generally, trail cameras are placed at the top of higher branches of the tree from where they can cover the maximum ground area. The trail cameras come with advanced features of multi-zone detection that are useful to capture footage from various angles. You might place it considering a particular angle where it gets the maximum view of the wild animals. Therefore while going to find it observe the top of the high branches, where generally it is set. You might be trying to hide it with lots of leaves, several dried twigs and it appropriately camouflaged with the objects. So observe the high branches of the tree minutely considering the angle and you may find your camera easily. If you also have not seen it before, search it in the places where it gets a chance to camouflage properly. Search it in top branches that are covered with leaves, bushes, and also the area which is shadowy. Because if it is kept in a place in trees where sunlight penetrates, it will easily be detected by the animals and they will run away. That’s why it is set higher from the level of the animal’s eyesight where it is out of the animal’s eye and perfectly camouflaged.

2. Try to maintain a landmark

Though it is tough to maintain a landmark in the woods, still it can be beneficial. You may choose some selective areas where there is a maximum chance of spotting animals. You can set your trail camera in your selective preferred areas so that you can easily find it. You may identify your selective spot by the water bodies or you may identify the different zones of the woods including grassland, patchy areas, etc. Therefore it will be quite easy for you to find your trail camera visiting the particular zone in the woods.  Generally, it is easy to hang it on open up branches and cover it with objects. So search in those types of branches where you usually hang on. Make sure that the branch is sturdy enough so that there is no chance of breaking. Try to set it in a place that is out of animal intervention. Arboreal animals may not find it and don’t cause damage. So choose the place considering all these factors. This basic knowledge will help you to find it easily in the woods. Make sure that your camera is waterproof and dustproof so that rainfall or dust particles can not affect the camera.

3. Identify its elements

The trail cameras usually come in camo color. Though the color of the camera allows it to camouflage in the wild with the leaves, branches, and trunks, the human eye can detect several shades of green that seem impossible for the animals. Thus by observing minutely you can detect it. You can identify it also by its straps and lens. These are the objects of the camera that don’t camouflage at all. The straps are easily visible in the branches and while you glance at the circular optical lens at the center of the camera, it doesn’t take moments to detect. Therefore try to spot out the lens of the camera keeping focus on it during the daytime. Not only its color and elements, but you may also remember its pattern so that you can easily recognize it by detecting its shape and size.

4. Identify by the sounds

There are several cheap trail cameras that make sounds while capturing pictures or shooting a video. Though the sound is not intense enough to alert animals or thieves, you can spot it by detecting its sound when you are near it. Even if you haven’t seen a trail camera before it would not be difficult for you to spot it by detecting its mild sound. Though this type of noise-making camera is not suitable for hunting it can be advantageous for you to find it in the woods.

5. Find it out by detecting its flashlight

If you go to find it in the evening or deemed light then the flashlight of the trail camera can be beneficial for you to spot it. The trail camera emits light while it captures a picture or shoots video. So that if you reach the exact location where you set it, it will start to record your video with an emitting light. Though the light can’t be bright due to its low battery power, you can detect it. You can spot it by its pale, low glowy light too. Nowadays Red glow infrared (IR) is an advanced feature of the trail camera that is committed to emitting red light when capturing pictures. Therefore you can easily detect this light in a darker atmosphere and it can be a strong sign of finding your trail camera in the tree. But if your camera becomes blackout due to low power it can not emit the red glowing light. In that case, you may find it using another effective tool, GPS tracker.

6. Use a GPS tracker

If you attach a GPS tracker with your trail camera, it won’t be difficult at all to find it in the woods. Using a GPS tracker is a great idea to find the camera in the woods. The GPS tracker is small enough that it can easily be fitted with the trail camera and doesn’t create any problem for camouflaging the camera while it is attached. It can be easily hidden inside the camera due to its small size. You need to make sure that the GPS tracker is well connected to your mobile phone. By tracking the location of the camera thus you can easily find it inside the woods no matter whether it is daytime or evening. Make sure that the GPS tracker is durable and performs efficiently tolerating rain, winds, and harsh dust particles. In some expensive trail cameras, there is a GPS tracker included inside the box. In the case of cheap cameras, it does not come with a GPS tracker. Therefore you just need to buy a GPS tracker separately if it is not included with your camera and you are ready to serve your purpose perfectly.

These are the tips following which you can spot your trail camera easily in the woods. Even if you have not seen a trail camera before but If you know the possibilities where it can be set, it will be easy for you to find out at first glance. If you are also a beginner in using it, these tips can help you to find it out within less time. Thus you can easily serve your purpose to observe the wild animal’s activities. Hope now you won’t face trouble finding it in the woods. It won’t hamper your research anymore.

If you have not used trail cameras still but gathered information after going through this article, you can start using them now. If you want to explore wildlife then using the trail camera is the biggest opportunity for you. We are sure, after knowing its usage and amazing advantages, you will definitely buy one for yourself.

Not only trail cameras are used to observe animal’s behavior, but it also is used as a security device to avoid property loss. Though the burglars are smart enough and know how to find trail cameras on your property using a camera detecting tool, still it is effective to keep your home secured. Nowadays trail cameras come with advanced no glow features that don’t emit red light while capturing pictures or shooting videos. Therefore by installing a modern trail camera in your house you can be aware of potential burglary in your house. These smart cameras are effective to alert you if any unexpected occurs outside your door. This footage helps you to make your neighbors know about the risks of theft also.


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