Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 24MP Review | 2021-22 Expert Review

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 24MP Review

The Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail Camera comes under the Bushnell brand with multiple advanced features. The camera is designed specifically to capture excellent wildlife photographs. This Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail Camera comes in Camo Camouflage style that is truly appropriate to serve the purpose of observing wildlife. Its soothing camouflage color provides the camera a scope for camouflaging in the wild perfectly. The trail camera comes with a color viewer that offers an amazing watching experience to the users.


This high-definition 24 Megapixel camera weighs 0.52 kilograms and is easily portable. This product consists of dimensions of ‎9.29 x 5.63 x 3.15 inches. It comes in camouflage color and Camo Camouflage pattern. The trail camera supports the SD card up to 32 GB. The camera does not come with an SD card attached. This is a  durable trail camera powered by a battery. This camera supports 8AA batteries having a significant battery life. The batteries are not included with this item.

The camera comes with a 12-volt external jack. The video resolution power consists of 1920×1080 pixels, which is a remarkable feature of this trail camera. The video quality is marvelous due to its high-resolution 1080p. The trigger speed can be set up to 0.2S. The pictures captured by the trail captures are amazing. This camera has an excellent recovery RATE of 0.5S. The trail camera comes with 48 black Led flash that is suitable for night vision. The quality of the nighttime pictures provides the users an amazing nighttime observing experience. Its removable ARD anti-reflection LED cover protects the 80 inches black LED significantly. 

This black-led no glow IR flashlight of the no glow trail camera doesn’t provide the chance of detection to the game and other hunters due to its invisible features. The LED flash range extends up to 100 feet that make this trail camera preferable to the hunters. It has a highly sensible PIR sensor that can be adjustable in low, medium, high, auto mode. The 100 feet detectable sensor PIR is extremely helpful to capture the wildlife photographs and shoot videos remarkably. The Trophy Cam HD No Glow trail camera can cover a 100 feet detection distance, which is a great advantage for capturing quality photographs at a certain distance. The vast area can come under the camera range leading to capture animal activities vividly from a large distance. This trail camera supports an easy setup with backlit 5-way buttons and comes with a pre-setup menu. These pre-set-up menus make the operating job easier at the initial stage.

Its illuminated 5-way button control panel makes this trail camera a modern one. This trail camera comes with a strengthened cable lock channel that makes its usage safe and secured. Its improved latch is highly effective for maximum ruggedness that keeps the footage safe inside of it. The Trophy Cam HD No Glow trail camera supports suitable USB connectivity. This camera comes with a good quality strap to hang on the sturdy branches of the tree securely. The Trophy Cam HD No Glow trail camera comes under 1 year warranty period, claimed by the company. This high-definition trail camera comes at an affordable price that is $247 approx.


  • Invisible Black LEDs don’t give a chance of detection to both game and other hunters
  • Lightning super fast 0.2s trigger speed
  • Suitable 0.5s recovery rate
  • 100 feet vast detection distance
  • Pre-set menus and backlit 5-way buttons supporting easy setup
  • Dynamic video capturing capability
  • Effective night vision distance with no-glow black LED flashlight brightness


1. Easy setup

The Trophy Cam HD No Glow trail camera comes with an easy operating system. It supports an easy setup process which is beneficial to get started quickly. Even if you are a beginner trail camera user, you won’t face difficulties with its settings when you proceed with this. Its pre-set menu choice is advantageous depending on the various locations and purposes of your work. The 5-way button control panel makes the camera a user-friendly wildlife trail camera.

2. Unique designing pattern

The camera comes in a stylish Camo Camouflage pattern and camo color providing a glossy finish. The field-proven design makes the camera suitable for work. Its removable ARD anti-reflection LED cover is designed in a specialized manner to protect the LED from harsh environmental particles. Not only does it have an impressive design, but it is also well secured and safe for having a strong cable lock channel and strengthened security latch. Its small screen size is extremely suitable to preview the photos captured by the trail camera.

3. Excellent picture quality

The Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail camera comes in 24 Megapixel picture capturing quality and high-resolution power of the videos that is 1080p. It provides a superior picture quality due to its nighttime no-glow black LED flashlight. The flash range persists up to 100 feet, which is one of the remarkable features of this trail camera. The trigger speed is remarkable to capture multiple photographs at a super-fast speed of 0.2 seconds. The camera has a short time recovery rate of 0.5 seconds that makes it the most suitable trail camera.

4. Sensible sensory detection

The PIR sensory detection of this no glow trail camera is highly sensitive to be triggered in any kind of motion near it. The sensory detector can be set up in a high, medium, low, auto-detection mode offering you an amazing capturing experience of wildlife photographs. It is absolutely suitable for your different purposes of using the trail camera. It can be used as a security camera due to its sensitive PIR sensory detection. Its sensory detector supports 100 feet sensory detection which makes this product extremely beneficial for your work.

5. Excellent Battery life

The Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail Camera does not contain batteries inside its packaging. It supports 8AA batteries that you require to buy separately and insert in it. The battery life it sustains is long-term. The trail camera also doesn’t come with an SD card. You can load a class 10 32GB SD Card that is the maximum capability of the camera to support and it is absolutely effective to capture and store several photographs before getting full.


  • Comes in attractive Camo Camouflage style
  • Capable to shoot a longer video for a single motion trigger
  • The camera comes with a good strap
  • Shoots HD video up to 100 feet detectable range
  • Comes with a video-length setting
  • Good triggering capability
  • Comes with an amazing color viewer
  • Good nighttime picture quality
  • Record videos with sound
  • Amazing picture and video quality
  • Captures good at a certain distance
  • Sustains a good battery life
  • Pictures are saved with a watermark including date, time, and temperature
  • Capture nighttime footage with 48 black Led flashlight


  • The camera doesn’t contain an SD card with it
  • The camera doesn’t include a battery inside the packaging
  • Woks properly with a few selectable SD cards
  • It doesn’t come with a Camlock box
  • Don’t work properly in extreme cold
  • Don’t provide a good video playback experience
  • Shoots nighttime videos of a short duration

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