Spypoint Link-s Solar Cellular Trail Camera Review – 2022

Spypoint Link-s Solar Cellular Trail Camera Review

SPYPOINT’s LINK-S is the perfect camera for places you don’t want to visit frequently, so you
avoid going there instead of placing your camera there to capture the wildlife. It may be a
transitional area too close to the bedding area, or a deep forest where you can’t risk getting
smelly. Because LINK-S operates on cellular technology to transmit images to the SPYPOINT
mobile application, and the assimilated solar panel and cells put together to make battery life
immense within reach, the bucks and other night creatures will not be able to notice the camera
due to its camouflage design.

The advantages of LINK-S do not stop there. In addition to first-class power innovation, it also
has the industry’s fastest trigger speed of 0.07 seconds. This implies it can capture a fast-moving creature within a fraction of seconds without blur.

LINK-S company installed integrated solar panels and imminent lithium battery automation from
SPYPOINT to provide an ultra-compact tracking camera. Use LINK-S battery technology to
minimize the number of visits and the cellular function of getting photos without removing the
card. Less travel can save gasoline and time, but not leaving odors in the woods is very
precious. This camera is specially designed for budget-conscious hunters.


This device is ideal for monitoring the hunting spot remotely without any manual issues. This
camera can also be used as CCTV for your home, office, and business workplace. This camera
due to the availability of solar cells provides an unlimited battery life. This camera provides a
free data plan for a month on trial purposes. This camera uses a cellular network which was a
great counter to tackle the problem of poor satellite connection. Its supports the LTE Network.
This camera is fully configurable via its official app called the SPYPOINT app. This product
provides a pre-activated sim card on the purchase of the camera. This camera has a full
synthetic build. Since the camera is designed to be powered by solar energy, there is no need
for users to install external batteries, but you can use 8 AA batteries as an optional backup
power source.


This camera has a definition of 12 MP and 42 LEDs and its flash range is up to 30m and has a
very impressive trigger speed of 0.07 seconds and 2’’ screen size. This camera uses infrared
light technology to capture the nightlife and colorful images under daylight. The watermark on
the images contains the Date and time of the images captured, The moon phase of that day,
and the Temperature of the environment during the capture. This camera supports the Time
Lapse mode under settings. It allows multiple burst-shots features which can capture up to 3
pictures after detection. This camera uses Illumination technology to reduce blur and to boost
infrared rays. It also supports continuous shots.


This camera uses a video definition of 720 pixels and supports HD capture quality.
This camera is powered by 8 alkaline AA batteries. This camera supports input of 12V DC on
external input.


This camera supports a storage capacity of up to 32 GB SD/SDHC card. Its built-in solar panel
the feature allows it to recharge by itself and has internal rechargeable batteries.


This camera adjusts the infrared level automatically. This camera has a distance detection
sensor that ranges up to 100ft or 30m. It has a motion sensor covering 5 zones detection levels.
This camera has a schedule set up of 7 days. It can be mounted by a tripod of height 1/4 ‘’-20.
The Dimensions of the camera are 3.8’’Wx6.9’’Hx3.9” D. This camera is very lightweight which
weighs up to 0.6 Kg and due to compactness, it is very handy to use. This camera is compatible
with GPS Geotag capability which shows pinpoints location on the device.


This camera avails a warranty of 2 years after the purchase is made and has customer care
services available 24/7 at your fingertips.


This camera is a future-proof product which implies it can last up to 5 to 8 years without
upgrading to a new product. Not long ago, the cellular technology in the tracking camera would
cost you more than $600. This is a tool of the rich, out of reach for most hunters. However,
Stealth Cam changed the affordability of the game through Spypoint. The average selling price
of Spypoint retail stores seems to be around US$499. Either way, this is the high price of cellular
tracking camera technology for budget-conscious hunters.


● 8 Energizer ultimate lithium-powered batteries.
● 6-foot long python cable lock.
● Extra SD memory card of 16GB storage capacity.
● Spypoint Link security case.


Camera settings can be done through the camera, but the phone options must be configured on
the phone. So we only recommend an in-app camera and phone settings. In the past, cell
phone cameras were known to be clumsy and delicate. Link-S setup is very simple, even for
non-technical people.

After turning on the camera and loading the application on your phone, just follow the
instructions in the application. You need to set up an account and connect the new camera to
the app. It takes no time at all. From there, you can select camera settings, check battery
status/battery reception, SD card storage, and view photos taken by the camera. The SIM card
is provided with the camera and is located in the battery compartment. You can observe the SIM
card number in the general settings on the (“About this device”) tab. You can manually enter it
into the app or scan it with your mobile phone.

To configure the options, Link-S is one of the few mobile cameras that can be programmed to
turn on or off on certain days of the week. For example, you can turn on the camera between 5
PM and 8 AM Monday through Friday, but you can use it 24 hours a day on weekends. This is
an underrated feature.

This camera does not have an option to send photos as ordered, but you can configure how
often it connects to the network and check for other configuration changes. GPS is not a
“real-time tracker”. In most cases, we found it useless. For all practical purposes, the app is very
easy to navigate and it won’t confuse you.


Cellular cameras require more power to operate. Just imagine your cell phone running on a
cellular network How many times do we have to charge it. So to counter this problem this
camera offers a solar charging option. The average life of the tracking camera battery is
approximately 30,000 photos. However, there are many agents that affect battery life
expectancies, such as the ratio of photos captured at night that to the day, video mode, harsh
weather, and the types of battery you use.

The problem that arises is that in some batteries, as energy dissipates from the battery, the
number of resistance increases. Over time, the potentiality of the camera will have a mild
decrease, This implies there would be a sedate in detection pace, shorter the detection range,
and many indigent operations to be faced by the camera in a long term. Therefore, choosing the
right battery for your camera will produce better and longer-lasting results. Hence this camera
tackles all these problems and provides a long-lasting battery performance.


Monthly Plans Free Basic Standard Premium
Photos Per Month 100 250 1,000 Unlimited
Month-to-Month Free $5 per month $10 per month $15 per month
Annual subscription Free $4 per month $7 per month $10 per month
This camera service provides the best data plans which are quite affordable. And this camera’s
data plan offers free 100 photos trial on the first month of purchase.


● Very easy cellular setup saves time and is so simple and user-friendly.
● The picture and video captured quality peculiarly too good.
● This camera is exceptionally good when it comes to battery life.
● This camera is driven by solar-powered technology.
● This camera supports an external antenna w/15 a foot cable.
● This camera provides remote access and eliminates the problem of manual labor.
● The base camera app is extremely simple to use.
● The app receives a notification soon after capturing a photo.
● Investment in this camera is the Best value for money.
● This camera is WATER RESISTANT.
● It has a great camouflage design to help it to keep it safe in ambush from wild animals.

CONS or spypoint solar trail camera problems

● Sometimes it won’t transmit pictures.
● People claim the Camera works sporadically.
● Sometimes due to harsh weather conditions, this camera doesn’t respond due to the
lack of signals received from the cellular antennas.
● It has a below-average detection circuit.
● Only previews of the pictures are sent to the application and videos are not uploaded to
the app.
● Full-resolution photos can not be downloaded same goes for video.


Video Review of SPYPOINT LINK-S Solar Cellular Trail Camera

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