Stealth Cam G42 No Glo Trail Game Camera STC G42ng – Review 2022

Stealth Cam G42NG No-Glow Trail & Wildlife Camera

This high-definition camera comes under the brand Stealth Cam. This camera is the assured, dependable product from this brand that maintains a standard and superior quality. It comes with multiple features and functionalities that add extra value to this camera. The camera is designed and engineered in the USA gorgeously in camo color. This color makes the camera nature-friendly and absolutely purposeful. Its price comes around $99.43. This camera comes in Box form factor.


The Stealth Cam G42NG No-Glow camera is perfect for the next-generation hunter. It is a great choice for any nature lover. The camera is specialized for observing every wildlife activity vividly as it has a high-resolution capacity. The resolution capacity supports 480 pixels. The camera captures each and every scenario happening in the wildlife constantly. This trail camera comes with 10 Megapixel that is defined to capture absolute high-quality pictures of 10MP. It can even capture high-quality video with audio up to 3 hours of duration. The video is in HD quality that makes the camera professional.

The camera is potent to capture nighttime activities even in extremely low spotlights as its Infrared Illuminator(IR) emitters that are designed to emit light in the infrared spectrum, support the visibility range up to 100 feet. It is designed in such an amazing way that its retina-low-light-sensitivity technology allows light to pass through the IR  emitters making a depression on it that leads to capture of a cleared lit scene. The 42 emitters come in black color. The camera is also able to capture the crisp images of moving objects in IR mode due to its matrix blur reduction feature.

It’s another feature, multi Zone detection defines prominence in the pictures and videos. This feature allows this camera to capture with accuracy that reflects on the HD pictures. This camera is perfect to capture photos within a second as its Reflex permits. Even it permits to capture up to 9 images once at a time when its rapid-fire-burst mode is being activated. It is also able to capture multiple photos after a sudden time period set earlier after triggering the time-lapse mode with Passive infrared (PIR), a specialized type of motion sensor. It’s Visible screen diagonal comes in 1″ / 3 cm.

The camera comes with a visual display and one external power port that is compatible with a 12-volt battery. The item weighs 11.4 ounces. This trail camera comes under the warranty period offered by the manufacturer. The camera comes with a strap.


This trail camera comes with several modes allowing capture in various perspectives. While using it first, the camera needs to be set with preprogrammed or manual modes. The recovery time out varies either from 5 seconds to 59 seconds or from 1 minute to 59 minutes. Then you need to set a strong password for security issues. Then you can set time, date, temperature, moon-phase, name, and stamps. You can load an SD card of 32 GB (not included) which is the maximum capacity this trail camera supports. You also need to insert 8AA batteries as it is not included in it. This camera supports an external power jack for a 12-volt battery. The dimension comes in 5-1/2″H x 4″W x 2-1/2″D. The outputs obtained are video and USB. Its connectivity technology is USB cord-based. Read about Spypoint link trailcamera.


  • 4 resolution settings ranging from 2 Megapixel up to 10 Megapixel
  • No glow Black Infrared illuminator flash – 42 LEDs illuminate targets up to 100′ away
  • Fast Reflex trigger system – activation within 1 second to 2 seconds
  • Advanced TRIAD 3-in-1 technology – captures high-resolution still photos, HD video, and time-lapse shots
  • Records video clips of 5 seconds to 3 hours with audio
  • Quickset setup – fast and easy setup with the flick of a switch
  • Matrix Advanced blur reduction technology – more clear and prominent nighttime shots
  • Retina low light sensitivity technology


1. Quick Set Program Setting

This go trail camera supports easy setup with manual or preprogrammed modes. It is a fast, simple setup process within a few seconds.

2. Advanced Security System

After setting a strong password it is set ready with an Intuitive backlit display. The security lock features enable it to store all credentials captured safely inside the camera. This camera can be used as a security camera as it doesn’t make sound and emits any red light while capturing, thus it is easy to capture images without making a person aware of it. The flashlight is not visible that much. Its security setup is much easier than any other security camera.

3. Modern 10.0 Megapixel Technology

The advanced 10MP technology allows this trail camera to capture photos clearly and vividly using various modes. It supports Matrix blur reduction, Multi-zone detection, Reflects trigger.

4. Matrix blur reduction: it allows the capture of clear, sharp images suppressing the blurry effects. Therefore it helps in the visualization of the images prominently due to the reduction of the blurry effects.

5. Multi-Zone detention: this advanced feature allows this trail camera to capture pictures from different angles and aspects. No matter how distant the object is, it allows you to capture an image at a long distance as its visibility range persists up to 100 feet. Therefore it is absolutely suitable to capture all wildlife activities at a certain distance.

6. Reflects trigger: This feature allows the trail camera to capture images within a few seconds. It is a useful feature to record all the sudden, short-lasting activities of the wildlife animals and all the quick incidents in nature. This ultra-fast trigger speed never allows a crucial moment to be missed. You can set the speed of the triggers.

7.No Glow IR Emitters

It’s no glow black color IR emitters allow it to capture images even at low spotlights. This is an advanced technology beneficial to capture pictures even when it is dark.

8.Retina-low-light-sensitivity Technology

retina-low-light-sensitivity technology allows light to pass through the IR  emitters making a depression on it that leads to capture of a cleared lit scene. It allows an excellent nighttime capturing experience due to its advanced low-light performance.

9. Rapid-fire-burst mode Technology

It allows the trail camera to take multiple clicks at a time. This advanced technology supports up to 1-9 clicks to be captured together.

10. Time Lapse Technology

This modern technology allows this trail camera

to capture multiple photos after a sudden time period set earlier after triggering the time-lapse mode with Passive infrared (PIR).

11. High-Resolution Power

Its resolution capacity supports 480 pixels that is beneficial to capture objects clearly from a sudden distance. This camera has 3 settings, photo only, photo and 3second burst or just video. All are triggered and captured with high-resolution when sensed movement.

12. Range Control Capacity

The camera’s adjustable motion sensor is suitable to be set for short, medium, or long-range activation. The camera captures everything within a range of 100 feet visibility.

13. Serve Multiple Purposes

The camera captures high-resolution still photos. It is compatible to shoot HD videos with audio. The video clips can be recorded simultaneously due to their advanced time-lapse technology. This camera shows the image in the icon making it easy to scan through files whereas the other trail cameras ask users to click on each icon showing a generic icon.

14. Battery Performance

The 8AA allows high efficiency of the camera with up to one year of prolonged battery life. The battery is not included with the item so that you have to buy batteries separately. To get longer service life of the battery, you may use lithium batteries.

15. Connectivity technology

This trail camera supports USB connectivity.

This STC-G42NG No-Glow camera supports a standard Mini-B USB.

16. Memory

This trail camera is efficient to store a large number of images and supports SD cards extending up to 32 GB. The SD card doesn’t come with the camera so you have to buy it separately. The camera doesn’t roll over automatically when it runs out of space so that there is no chance of deletion of your old images without any notification. It alerts you showing the card is full.


  • Compatible with modern technology
  • Supports good battery life
  • Capture high-quality pictures
  • Pictures are bright, clear, and prominent
  • Build quality is good
  • Can capture in extremely low light
  • Captures better from a greater distance
  • Shoot HD videos
  • Captures high-resolution images
  • Captures multiple images at a time
  • Videos are recorded with audios
  • Supports multiple captures within a time gap
  • Visibility persists up to 100 foot
  • Supports high-resolution of 480 pixels
  • Comes with blurry effects reduction capacity
  • Supports multi-zone detection
  • Captures images of 10 Megapixel
  • Comes with advanced security features
  • Support quick set activation
  • Takes wide angels shots
  • Records time, temperature, moon phase


  • The camera works with a certain type of batteries
  • Supports a certain type of memory cards
  • Nighttime picture quality is just ok
  • It does not trigger when motion is detected beyond 10 feet
  • Sometimes captures empty shots

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