Stealth Cam Fusion Cellular Camera Review

A fusion wireless camera eliminates the guesswork during cellular activation. By quickly scanning QR settings, combined with Stealth Cam’s new data plan, you can transfer images in minutes. Fusion provides affordable options for various budgets and needs.

Although some companies provide top-notch products that are complex and difficult to use, Stealth Cam continues to build and provide simple and complex products. In fact, when I picked up their latest product, Stealth Cam Fusion, in the box, this was the first time it caught my attention. “Cellular Simplified” is the wording you will find on the box. This is what you will find when you go deep inside the product.

The feature-rich Fusion has many options for capturing images. The picture shows the Fusion installed on Muddy’s dual-camera ground bracket. This setting allows you to place the Sol-Pak battery pack of the tracking camera and Stealth Cam wherever you want to ensure you get the lens you need.


Not long ago, the cellular technology in the tracking camera would cost you more than $400. This is a tool of the rich, out of reach for most hunters. However, Stealth Cam changed the affordability of the game through Fusion. I found Fusion on the Internet for as little as $150. The average selling price of Fusion retail stores seems to be around US$179. Either way, this is the high price of cellular tracking camera technology for budget-conscious hunters.


Package Weight         :     0.54 Kg

Item Dimensions         :     2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm

Item Weight               : ‎     0.55 Pounds

Brand Name               : ‎   StealthCam

Model Name              :     Stealth Cam Fusion Cellular

Suggested Users        :‎   Unisex-adult

Number of Items        :           ‎1

Manufacturer              :      ‎GSM, LLC

Part Number               :      ‎STC-FVRZW

Style                            :      ‎SPORTS

Components               :      Stealth Cam  Cellular Fusion

Size                             :      ‎One Size

Sport Type                  :      Hunting, Tactical & Military

Flash type                   :      Lo glow

Trigger                        :  <0.8seconds

Battery life                  : 1.5 month Power at rest (on) Power Consumption during the day Power consumption at night.

Stealth Cam Fusion is making waves in the mobile phone camera industry for many reasons. It has an impressive 26 MP image, which is unheard of image quality considering its price point. It is also a LOW GLO flash camera with a range of 80 feet, which also makes the value of features far beyond the price of the camera. In addition to these two features, the new Stealth Cam app and the reliability of photo transfer (even in variable services) also make Fusion the best mobile phone camera choice for the 2020-2021 season.In addition to these reasons, the quick scan QR settings and new data plans provided by Fusion make it easy to set up and burden cameras and data on a tight budget. It can trigger 1-6 images in burst mode.

The Stealth Cam Fusion wireless cellular camera uses the LTE Quectel EC21-V module, which allows this tracking camera to run on a Verizon LTE tower. It is backward compatible and should work on 4G/3G towers while they are still active. If you prefer to capture images and videos on a Verizon-powered camera

Features and details

  • 100% plastic .
  • Made in the USA.
  • Modern user interface and settings Web-based, application and mobile device access Dedicated cloud storage .
  • Anytime, anywhere access to images on any device Share access capabilities Create and manage galleries.
  • Movement types: tactical and military.
  • It has dedicated cloud storage so you could access the images from anywhere and anytime.


Fusion is a fairly small camera with a hard, durable fit/feel in the plastic case. The latch is hand sized and easyily operatable. There is a bracket on the back of the camera for installing the Python cable lock, and a 1/4″ x 20 threaded plug on the bottom for installing the Slate River Mount.

The battery compartment is very good and handy and we actually like it very much because it is almost error-free. Once the camera is turned on, the battery fits snugly and can be easily pulled out.


Reinforced base-The threaded brass mounting base appears to be reinforced on Fusion for a safer installation and to prevent the shell from cracking when abused by a curious deer or bear.

Sol-Pak Adaptable – Stealth Cam provides a very smooth solar battery pack, which can save you a lot of time and money when changing batteries. Sol-Pak can work well with Fusion cameras. You can also check the Sol-Pak auxiliary connection and status through the command application on your phone.

Instant group photo upload-The complex features built into this camera allow you to set it as an instant group setting for uploading. This enables the camera to continue capturing images when motion is detected. Other wireless cameras capture images as soon as they are triggered and immediately start the upload process, losing any animals that might move in front of the camera during the upload delay. Instant Group gives you the feature to recaptured the missed shots.

Time lapse – This feature can only be used after PIR overruled.

Stealth Cam Fusion Data Plan

Stealth Cam offers monthly plans for $5, $10, $20, and $50 (multi-camera). In addition, the cost-effective annual plan-as low as $4, 650 images per month-is perfect for hunters who want to monitor gaming activity and property monitoring throughout the year.

  • Free – 30 days (credit card required and planned to be implemented after 30 days)
  • 5 USD – 650 images
  • 10 USD – 2000 images
  • 20 USD – unlimited
  • 50 USD – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36000 images (including 3 cameras – add extra Camera, $5 each)


The setup process for the Stealth Cam Fusion wireless Camera is very simple. Which could be done at your fingertips by following the steps below:

  1. Install Stealth Cam Command App.
  2. Create an account. And sign in
  3. Press a plus sign situated at the top left corner to add the camera .Or
  4. You can use the QR code to scan and add the camera. The QR code is located below the battery tray.
  5. Now follow the instrution and choose the data plan you would like to have.
  6. Then tap on your camera within the application to start the custom setting for the camera.


  • This camera with a lens of 26 megapixel captures live images with the best ever picture quality that can be compared to the other cameras at this range.
  • This camera weighs up to 0.54 Kg which is very lightweight compared to other cameras at this price range and very compact in size to use.
  • It has a very simplified mechanism and is handy to use.
  • With great hardware components it has an excellent response time.
  • At this price range it provides an awesome Battery life upto 1.2 months after using it at full charge.
  • It’s a best product for hunting purposes and mostly used in the military.
  • It has a great camouflage design to help it to be safe in ambush.
  • This company provides the best customer services which is ready to help the customer at any instant.
  • This Camera is the best value for money to invest in. It’s like a one-time investment.
  • This provides more than one user for a single device service.

Cons or stealth cam fusion problems

  • Sometimes it won’t transmit pictures.
  • People claims Camera works sporadically.
  • This camera is Weather resistant but Not WATERPROOF!
  • Sometimes due to harsh weather conditions this camera doesn’t respond due to lack of signals received from the cellular antennas.
  • Rechargeable batteries cannot be used in this device as it may lead to malfunctioning of the device.
  • It has a below average detection circuit.


Does Stealth Cam fusion take night pictures?

 -The camera is driven by action activation. This may cause objects in the camera frame (such as tree branches or flowing water) to cause the camera to take pictures

Does this Camera record video?

 -This camera records videos from 10 to 180 seconds. And this video mode can be only enabled under PIR mode.

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